Epilepsy Care Journey

Discover options for uncontrolled seizures

Even with medication, many patients still experience seizures. Ongoing seizures may affect quality of life, including employment, driving and interpersonal relationships.

There are multiple treatment options available for epilepsy. Unfortunately, seizures remain inadequately controlled with currently available therapies in one-third of patients with epilepsy. As a Level 4 comprehensive epilepsy center, Mayo Clinic is positioned to identify the best treatment for drug-resistant epilepsy patients. These treatment options may include clinical trials, neurostimulation devices and, in some cases, surgery.

Mayo Clinic is a leading institution in the advancement of diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune epilepsy syndromes, and houses a world-leading immunology laboratory. Our teams work to advance new, cutting-edge treatment options and have established comprehensive neuromodulation treatment services for drug-resistant epilepsy patients in whom surgery is not an option. As a high volume epilepsy center, Mayo Clinic performs several complex surgical evaluations every year using advanced surgical techniques and state-of-the-art technology.

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Second opinions matter

Second opinions aren’t about questioning your doctor. They're about comfort in knowing that you are receiving the best care and outcome for your individual situation.

For someone who has had a difficult time controlling seizures, second opinions from a comprehensive epilepsy center such as Mayo Clinic may uncover new treatment options. A second opinion from Mayo means taking advantage of the latest research and medical discoveries, and gaining access to new diagnostic imaging, treatments and clinical trials.

For those who are newly diagnosed with epilepsy, a second opinion from Mayo Clinic ensures that trained neuroradiologists will look for the source of your epilepsy and pinpoint even minor abnormalities in imaging that may have been missed. Mayo's teams have treated the most complex types of epilepsy, and they can find the best treatment for you.