Epilepsy Care Journey

Find treatment options for multiple conditions, complex cases

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Mayo Clinic epilepsy treatment is more than neurology. Treatment includes experts across multiple specialties working together.

Mayo Clinic epilepsy treatment goes beyond a single neurologist working to treat your seizures. Here, experts across multiple specialties work together to personalize a treatment plan for you, accounting for all of your health care needs. Your individualized treatment plan is tailored to include concerns related to:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Behavioral issues
  • Depression
  • Lifestyle and independence

Autoimmune Epilepsy

Mayo has extensive experience treating patients whose epilepsy is caused by autoimmune disorders, which are disorders that cause a misguided immune response to the body’s own organs. Mayo Clinic researchers develop new approaches to diagnosing and treatment autoimmune epilepsy, a central nervous system disorder that results in seizures.