Epilepsy Care Journey

Get a more refined diagnosis through advanced imaging

Understanding the exact root cause of a seizure is critical for an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plan. In addition to being a world-renowned epilepsy center, Mayo Clinic is a leader in epilepsy research and education. As Mayo Clinic doctors continuously conduct research that improves imaging techniques, new treatment therapies may be available to patients who may benefit from a refined diagnosis. Your team will work with you to determine which tests are best for you.

Experts in Neurology describe advanced diagnostics and sophisticated imaging techniques that, when used to detect or focus on the abnormalities causing epilepsy, can help guide treatment options and ultimately transform patient care.

The latest in imaging and diagnostics are available at Mayo Clinic, including studies designed to assess:

Blood flow abnormalities

  • Single photon emission computerized tomography
  • Subtraction ictal single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) coregistered with MRI
  • Statistical parametric mapping-based methods

Changes in electrical activity

  • High-frequency oscillation density mapping
  • Stereo electroencephalogram
  • Functional MRI

Changes in chemistry

  • Positron emission tomography MRI

Subtle lesions or other abnormalities

  • Morphometric Analysis Program imaging
  • Simultaneous positron emission tomography MRI
  • Other tests, including the 7-Tesla MRI available at Mayo Clinic's Minnesota campus — the first clinically available in the U.S.

Genetic testing is also available for complex conditions.