January 2020
Patient Care

Mayo Clinic's Center for Sleep Medicine team provides multidisciplinary care for children in special populations or with medically complex needs. Julie M. Baughn, M.D., describes Mayo's treatment model.

All three Mayo Clinic campuses offer intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring and extensive medical, neuropsychological and psychosocial treatment for medically refractory epilepsy. Neurologist Anthony L. Ritaccio, M.D., discusses Mayo's approach.

Mayo Clinic physiatrist Sherilyn W. Driscoll, M.D., explains crucial points to cover in discharge instructions for families of children who have had a concussion to promote prompt recovery and avoid re-injury.

Most injuries reported by participants in a high-intensity training program were related to movements that are ballistic or have an increased risk of injury if not performed with optimal technique.

A retrospective study found that the need for additional surgery was twice as high after a transobturator sling surgery compared with a retropubic sling procedure.

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Each month, Mayo Clinic specialists discuss a variety of topics helpful to primary care practice.

May 4-8, 2020, in Rochester, Minn.
Topics represent common problems encountered in the management of medical issues seen in gastroenterology, infectious diseases, general internal medicine, rheumatology, geriatrics, emergency medicine, pulmonary medicine, endocrinology, cardiology, neurology and women's health.

May 18-20, 2020, in Rochester, Minn.
Course participants share promising practices, experiences and recent research to accelerate the reduction of smokeless and noncombustible tobacco use and its consequences.

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Mayo specialists report that the majority of patients with oropharynx cancers today are young, otherwise healthy nonsmokers, and they tend to have the disease because of the human papillomavirus.

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